Sitecore and Microsoft Bot Framework - Part 6 - Publishing and publish notifications

2017, Sep 03

Publishing specific items or just the entire database? Just ask a Bot and it will be done.

Publishing your website with the Microsoft Bot Framework

I’ve implemented several intents for publishing activities. If you would like to perform a publish and get notified on publish events of others you can use the Bot. The notifications work the same as the notifications for the indexing events.

publish subscribe

When we perform a smart publish to our web database Sitecore will notify me when it is completed. Because I am also subscribed to the indexing events Sitecore will let me know about several indexes that get updated.

publish smart publish

Now that moment is there when that annoying content editor is performing unnecessary publishes. Sitecore will notify you on that.

publish annoying guy

Or when it gets worse and the annoying guy is attempting to drastically publishing stuff.

publish annoying guy republish

Now is the time that you really need to disable that user and ask him what he’s up to.

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